This Tutorial is designed for those of you who are on a very tight budget, and looking at very inexpensive pianos. It will give you the basics to know what to ask and what to look for when you are on face to face with the seller and the piano. This section is designed for those looking for a piano with a budget of $1,000 or less.
If your budget is $1000 or more click here.
At least twice a week, I go into homes where the customer has either acquired or purchased a very inexpensive or free piano. 95% (no kidding) of these pianos need much more work than they are worth. Not only had the customer spent valuable time going to look at the piano, but also wasted money shipping the piano. Now, they also have to pay for an estimate/appraisal when I come and see the piano that “Just needs a Tuning”. The “free” piano can quickly become a $300 -$500 (or more) total waste of time and money.
It is my sincere desire to make sure you do not share that unfortunate experience. I do not intend to make you a piano expert in a few minutes here on line. I do intend to give you the basic information you need, quickly and efficiently. I GUARANTEE that the time you spend here will be a very valuable to you.

First, let’s determine what you are looking for:

I am looking for an Upright Piano I am looking for a Grand Piano

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