Is it a Player or Ex-Player Grand?

Player Grand or Ex Player Grand Pianos
Most pianos with what we call a “double leg” have been or still are a player piano. If there is no player system on it, look underneath the piano.

I have a Player Grand piano with the player system still in it.

There is no Player Piano System on this Piano.
If there is no Player Piano System on this piano, lets take a look underneath the piano. Does it have an opening in the key bed allowing you to see the back of the keys themselves? Are there mysterious holes in the beams, or remnants of screw holes?

If it is free from any of these signs, the piano was probably never a player piano, unless all the tell tale signs have been covered up professionally which is rare but possible.

If it once housed a player system, the value is lessened, especially if it was a Duo-Art, which required longer keys and changed the geometry of the action.

Look for another name on the fallboard above the keys. Are there any decals such as Duo-Art, Ampico, Welte, Recordo or Artecho? If so, that is the type of player system it once housed.

It looks like it was a player grand.

It was never a player grand.

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