The Case

The Case

Great care is taken on all the finishes we do. We do not “farm out” our refinishing like most shops do. We do not hire “contract labor” to do our refinishing. I have found both of those options to produce inconsistent, inferior work, along with poor timing and poor quality. Our own team of craftsmen, dedicated only to our own restoration work will hand craft your piano finish with great pride.

There are basically 2 types of finishes for pianos: open pore and closed pore. Closed pore is when you can see the pattern of the grain, but the texture has been filled in. Open pore is when you can see not only the grain pattern, but also the grain texture. You can see the small “pits” in the wood.

High Polish Closed Pore, with Victor Diaz very pleased with his work.

Satin Closed Pore

Open Pore Finish

Our famous before and after player piano.

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