Getting a “Free” or Cheap Piano?

My web site is under a bit of construction, but I want to be in touch with you, because free pianos are seldom “free” and cheap pianos are seldom “cheap”.
There are Moving costs ($200-$500 or more for a local move)
Tuning Costs (Has it been a long time since it was tuned? If so… $200-$350)
Repair Costs (Does the Action need work? $100-$2500 or more)
Possible Restoration Costs ($5,000 -$15,000 and up)

Before you call the movers, lets have a chat. Call 1-800-ON A PIANO (662-7426) or e mail me

Lets make certain the piano you are getting is worth the costs you may not be considering. And be sure to go and download my Free Buying Tutorial which will give you the questions you need to ask and what the answers mean in dollars and cents.


David Estey, Registered Piano Technician

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