Where do I advertise my Piano?

Where to advertise your piano:





PianoAdoption.com (but before you give it away, find out what it might be worth. Click Here

The Piano Technicians Guild. Contact local Piano Technicians. Every Piano Tuner has customers who own shoddy pianos and need better ones. Many Piano Technicians buy and sell pianos, and also know who the best piano movers are in your area. To find a local Piano Technician, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions on the Piano Technicians Guild web site.

Piano Teachers A search for piano teachers in your area, and a few phone calls might work in your favor

With any of these choices, knowing what you have and knowing the name, type, age and most importantly the condition is the “key” (pun intended.

If you are still uncertain about the value of your piano, Click Here


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