Piano Restoration: The Estimate

First, fill out the form on the right. Tell me a little about the piano and I will personally reach out to you to discuss your piano absolutely free of charge.

Is it worth restoration? What will it cost?

 Piano Restoration requires extreme craftsmanship and varied skill levels to accomplish a professional result.  At Estey Piano, we have the facility, staff and expertise to properly restore your piano.  But before we call the movers to pick up the piano, lets gather some facts about your piano

The first “to do” on our list is figuring out if you should or should not restore the piano. Name Brand has a whole lot of bearing here, but not completely.  A lesser known brand can be one of the finest pianos ever built, but the company went out of business during the Depression. Others have tremendous sentimental value and have been in your Family for generations. Whatever the case may be, I will give you the cold hard facts about the value before and after restoration.  My job is to be sure you make an informed intelligent decision.


You may have a specific amount that you are “willing to spend”. If we can meet your musical goals and needs within that budget, we would be happy to do so.  Fill out the form above, and we can discuss your musical needs.

 Meanwhile, take a look at the work we do

Rebuilding the Belly

Rebuilding and Regulating the Action

Refinishing the Case

Musically Yours,

David Estey, Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild

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