Square Grand Pianos

Although they are beautiful works of art on the outside, they are extremely primitive in design on the inside. Even fully “restored” this piano will not play as well as any modern grand piano or upright. (Modern meaning after 1900). You can ask whatever you wish, and I have seen these pianos sell to the unsuspecting and uninformed for as much as $12,000. Most piano dealers or teachers will not handle or recommend these instruments, as they are more furniture than instrument. They can be made to function with the original design, but not very efficiently. Most sell for $0–$2,000. “Restoration” and I use that term loosely, would run from $5,000–$20,000 or more.

Would you like a more accurate appraisal?
There is not much more that I can tell you, and even if I were to appear in person, I would only repeat myself. In my humble (but highly accurate) opinion, the only value these have is as furniture, and possibly as an antique. There is a market for them, but not the traditional piano market—I suppose if you placed this in a high end antique and collectable boutique in NYC on Park Ave, one might sell for a few million. I highly doubt it, but who knows? It may be signed by George Washington, or it may be the first square grand made by Steinway (Steinway already has that one) or some such rarity. I am only assessing based upon its ability to play and be a reliable instrument. If you suspect it to have some sort of special history, marking, or the like, and possess the paperwork to back it up – have it appraised by a Professional Antique Appraiser

Digital Conversion—an Option
There is a way to turn them back into playable instruments- and that is by bypassing the actual mechanics of the piano, and adding a digital system, making it a very beautiful digital keyboard. Add a high end tone generator, with a sampled Steinway or Bosendorfer concert grand, along with a couple of formidable speakers and you have quite the conversation piece.

If your Grand Piano does not have 3, 6 or 4 legs, please send us a few photos—I’d like to see it.

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