“He turned a sows ear into a silk purse” Rio Clemente
(Referring to a Steinway M which he played before and after we restored it)

What can I say about David Estey Piano Service? For one thing, Dave Estey must have piano-clairvoyance. On the basis of one short phone conversation he KNEW exactly which piano would suit me-would be perfect for me. His knowledge of pianos is unmatched. Dave was concerned about my needs in a piano, my budget and he was considerate about answering my [many] questions and emails. He kept me up dated about the progress of the restoration through pictures and e mail-by the time I received the piano, I already ‘knew’ it, inside and out.. how rare it is to find this type of expertise and caring service! It was a delightful experience.. interesting, informative, and tailored to my needs…i cant say enough good things about Estey Piano service, for Dave Estey made my piano-dreams come true. Cynthia F., Destin FL Purchased a Sohmer Baby Grand which we restored before delivering it.

A Steinway baby grand is really the only material thing I ever really wanted in this world. Now I have it and I’m thrilled beyond measure.
I’m going to take some lessons and get good again.
I absolutely love it and will treasure it for the rest of my life.
Thank you for everything. Let me know if you’re ever out this way and you can be reunited with the piano that continues to bring much joy to its owner. Alan W. San Diego, CA Steinway M Purchase

What other Technicians have said about our work:

Since I serviced it, I of course got the chance to get a much better sense of the work you did on it. Please accept my compliments on a wonderfully-functioning rebuild! It was a dream to tune.
Jim B, Registered Piano Technician

He was extremely complimentary about both the piano, and the work you have done. His remark was along the lines that “he thought he was the only technician that still did things right, but now he knows there are two.” He was most enthusiastic about the restoration. (The customer quoting his RPT in Texas)

New Estey Pianos—What Piano Technicians Have to Say

In April of 2009, we decided to give the new Estey Pianos the acid test—display them to the most critical, discriminating and knowledgeable people in all of the piano industry, namely Piano Technicians. The new Estey Piano debuted at the Piano Technicians Guild Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention. Here are the responses from a cross section of the best and brightest professionals in the industry. (RPT is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild).

“Velvety and smooth like chocolate cake” Amy Marshall, RPT“
“Very impressed. The nicest sounding piano out of China” Dean Garten, RPT
“Amazing piano for the price. Every pennies worth” Andras Gipp
“Great – Different- Tone reminds me of an older upright” Jason Leininger
“Complete treble tones for a piano in its class – bright yet full” Richard Ziss
“A lot to like about it. Nice touch, warm sound,” Loren A. Korevec
“Beautiful. These should sell for much more money” Bob Salvato
“Champagne taste – beer budget. Crisp, clear and smooth- at a great price. ” Jim Gullino, RPT
“Mellow like a Baldwin sound” James E. Todhunter Jr
“A lot of good stuff going on” Thomas V. Johnson, RPT
“Favorably impressed” John Trefz
“Cool. Done very nice. Wow!” Barri Hartman, RPT
“Good bass for the size” David Hughes, RPT
“Very Nice” Keith Gardner
“A viable piano – Even tone across the break” Fred Fornwalt, RPT
“Can’t find anything wrong with it” (believe me, he looked) Jon Langham, RPT
“Nice Sound – Very pretty case” Peter Poole, RPT
“Very nice” Robert M. Vasile
“Sounds good and good looking” Jim Geiger, RPT
“I like em” Matthew Pearce
“Nice. I like the response” Dan Cammarata
“Firm Touch” Jim Coleman, RPT
“Not a bad piano for the money” Rick Wheeler, RPT
“I like this” Nathan Baldwin
“Nice sound” John Williams, RPT
“Nice piano for the money” Todd and Sharon Lyndalll

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