No Name on the Piano?

If you are unable to find a name on your piano, even on the cast iron plate inside, you have what we call in the business a “no name” piano.

There were many pianos made here in the USA which were purchased by piano dealers in large quantities. The dealer would then put their own name on the pianos, to build their own brand. These pianos were generally on the lower end of the quality spectrum and have little to no intrinsic value. This means the value of your piano is totally dependent on the condition as opposed to a Steinway which has value in the name itself.

If the Piano holds concert pitch, the action is working well and you have maintained the piano, it will have some value. If it cannot hold a tuning, if there are multiple keys that do not work and has not had a tuning for a decade or more, chances are it will not be worth much of anything.

If you want further instruction on how to determine the pianos condition on your own, CLICK HERE

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