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Get all the information you need  to examine multiple pianos on your own with my ….

Do it yourself “How to Appraise a Piano” E Book and Webinar.

Would you like to know HOW to examine MULTIPLE pianos all on your own for LESS than the price of a single online appraisal?

Spot a cheaply built Grand Piano in 10 seconds or less.

Ever heard of a “tuning pin”? Learn what Professional Piano Technicians know. Spot a piano that can no longer be tuned… without playing a note!

Bridges – Where to look to determine a failed bridge.

Sound Board Cracks– does this mean the piano is worthless? NO!! Get the facts and know what to look for.

The Action -Can you tell when the Action will need extensive work to be serviceable? You will after you have gone through this information.

Too many people buy pianos which are no longer serviceable. Don’t be one of those people. Learn what the Pro’s know! Click Here

What others have said:

“Great information really helps you decide how buy a Piano AAAAA+++++”
Fast & helpful service. Dave’s advice is as useful as The Piano Book. A++”
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“Seller was amazingly helpful, just wonderful. My highest recommendation.”

I will give you the resource material to help determine the condition of any piano by looking at specific components, teach you what to look/listen for and therefore get an idea of the piano’s condition/value on your own.  It includes 10 questions that need to be answered, what the answers mean in dollars and cents, along with  a 58 minute webinar entitled “How to Appraise a Piano” originally given to Estate Appraisers with no prior piano expertise.  Appraisers have paid as much as $500 for this information through my public appearances. Priceless info for those in the market to buy a piano, as it will give you the tools needed to find one in good condition, and excellent info for those of you who are selling your piano and want to find out what its worth by learning how to determine it’s condition.

The E book and webinar are yours for  $17.00  CLICK HERE to Proceed  30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If, for any reason, you do not think the information you receive is worth MORE than the $17, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

You have nothing to loose, and a whole lot of piano expertise to gain.

Don’t take my word for it, check out what others have said:

“very informative! contains essential important information, easy to read”
“Lots of information, emailed to me quickly. I’m very satisfied!!!”
“Very Thankful for your Info Great person to ebay with, a pleasure, AAA+++”
“Easy to get document.Very fast!”

David Estey is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild, and has been buying and selling, tuning, repairing and restoring pianos for over 35 years. Let Dave’s experience be your best teacher! CLICK HERE, and invest only $17 to learn from a professional who sincerely wants you to avoid the “PSO’s” (Piano Shaped Objects) and find a good reliable instrument for you and your family. Music in your home is MUCH too important to your family to be “going it alone”… Get the facts! Click Here.


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